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JHawk Web Design & Graphics | 4 Ways to Promote Your Blog At The Start
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4 Ways to Promote Your Blog At The Start














4 Ways to Promote Your Blog At The Start

Blogging has become one of the most fashionable ways to exchange information through the internet in recent years. Blogs function as a type of individual web page filled with images, content, links and communication and every subject under the sun has a corresponding blog to go along with it. Blogs can be a great way to show personal creativity, connect people from different places and walks of life, and for the transfer of information in a relatable and easy to use way. But the only way for a blog to become popular and reach others is for the proper promotions to be in place. If you are just beginning a blog of your own and want to improve upon the audience you are reaching than perhaps some of these suggestions can help your blog to expand.

1. Social Media

Social media is probably one the best outlets you can use to help your blog reach a larger audience. Make profiles for all networks that your blog would best outfit. Then be sure to update those profiles frequently with your blog posts and images. Social media is the easiest way to publicize your blog for free, whether you’re talking about alligators or cable protectors. Furthermore, you can handpick your audience as well as learning valuable information about your blog from comments, likes, or reviews. If your blog is just beginning, don’t be surprised if it takes some time for people to gravitate toward it. Just keep promoting yourself diligently and the results will come.

2. Other Blogs

Being a frequent personality on other blogs like yours or just ones that you prefer is another great way to build credibility in the blogging world. Comment on blogs that are similar to your own and provide a permalink to a post or image from your blog. You can guest blog on more reputable blogs, that way you are providing content that can be linked back to your blog and you are showing your personality to a broader audience. You can also ask other bloggers to link to your posts.

3. Contacts

If you have fans, followers or subscribers, reach out to them. Often. Send them emails, post on their walls, share posts on their social networking sites, anything to show that you care about your following and personalized messages are the best way to go.

4. Content

Your connections are why people will come to you site but your content is why they will return. Content in king in the blogging world. Make sure yours is personal and authentic, never copy another’s content and take it for your own, and just make it original so that people will want to come back for more.

This post was written by Steve Bronson in association with Brahman Systems LLC, pioneers in cable and hose protection on industrial worksites.